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How can you help residential customers?
We provide estimates with line items so you can see exactly how different items affect the total price of your project. We can take you for a tour of homes, showing you how the appearance of the brick changes dramatically with the addition of soffit, window and shingle colors. We'll make sure you're only paying for the actual square footage of masonry work installed on your project. Sometimes blueprints are not 100% accurate, After we've been selected as your masonry contractor, we'll perform a field measurement to ensure you're paying for the actual labor and materials used to install the masonry on your project.
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What type of residential masonry work do you do?
We install brick, stone or manufactured stone on all types of residential projects, including fireplaces, chimneys, homes, apartments and feature homes.
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Can I see brick or stone samples?
Typically that process starts on the internet by looking at our suppliers' samples. Once you've narrowed your interests, we'll work with you to visit the suppliers' sample rooms and may even be able to provide addresses of existing residences using those materials.
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How do I get an estimate? How long does it take?
To provide you with a proper estimate, you'll need to have an idea of the materials you'd like to use and be able to provide a blueprint (or drawing) highlighting wall lengths, heights and the dimensions of all openings. Depending on the size of the project, an estimate may take 5-10 business days.
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Do you have references?
Of course! Please see the Residential Tab above for pictures and references from some of our residential projects.
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How long have you been in business?
Founded in 1984, Gary Sanders Masonry has been in business for 30 years. For more company history, please see the Our History tab above.
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We meet deadlines and provide quality work. For design-build projects in the budgeting process, we can provide accurate square footage costs if requested. We have experience working for local and out-of-state contractors and construction management firms.

How many employees do you have?
We have 11 full-time employees and depending on project size and workload, we've employed up to 20 employees. In our experience, the speed of the project depends more on our high productivity rather than the number of employees.
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What about safety?
We work safely. Our employees have been trained in the 10-hour OSHA class and we've had 0 lost time incidents. Our Experience Modification Rate is 0.86. Our policy is that all new employees must pass a pre-employment drug screen.
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Can you get bonded?
Yes, we can be bonded for very large projects. Please call to inquire about more specific information.
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Do you own or rent your equipment?
Gary Sanders Masonry owns all of the equipment needed to perform the masonry installation on all projects.
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What's the largest commercial job you've done?
We've done multiple large schools, hospitals and correctional facilities. Our largest job, in terms of material, was the Edward Stone Middle School in Burlington Iowa where we installed over 120,000 block and over 298,000 modular brick.
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